Teletherapy is my primary work, however I have some other projects that I still work on. It is so important to know and research the person you choose to be your therapist before reaching out.

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Just Futures Research Team

The University of Michigan’s Just Futures Team is comprised of students, faculty, and alumni from the school of social work, school of information, school of public health, and school of architecture to carry out interdisciplinary research.

I have been a part of this team since 2018 as a student and now an alumni. I have helped out on a few of their projects, most significantly being the missing migrants of Tunisia below which was mine and my professor’s “brainchild”.

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Missing Migrants Project

Immigrant advocacy has been a major passion for me throughout school. At the University of Michigan with the Just Futures Team, I was able to travel to Tunisia and provide clinical interviews with the families of missing migrants trying to find a better life in Italy.

Primarily as a clinician, I have worked with refugees and their families discussing political impacts on their mental health. This work has been conducted in a hospital setting, outpatient setting, and in-home setting.

The exhibit to the right features the stories of each family that I was privileged enough to obtain as well as my photography while I spent time in Tunis.

Feel free to click on the exhibit to check out the stories!

Emotion and Music

Emotions have their place in every setting–music is not the exception! Working with tabletop composer I helped develop a great tool to explore how to create specific emotions in music.

Music can make us feel all kinds of ways. I even use it clinically sometimes for patients that may use it for coping or processing. This book can help anyone wanting to compose convey certain emotions musically as well as with other tools included.

Being connected to an expressive art-form is so beneficial to your mental health. If you are a musician or composer, I would highly recommend checking out his channel and his book by clicking on his logo to the left.

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