LLMSW Supervision Requirements for Michigan

So you’ve just finished school and got your first social work job. Congratulations! You’re well on your way in a rewarding career as a social worker. Most likely, part of that journey is getting your full licensure. You may be wondering: what are the LLMSW supervision requirements for Michigan?

I’m happy to provide LLMSW supervision for Michigan LLMSWs online! If you would like to work with me, feel free to get in touch at my contact info below:

Email: antonio@michigancrs.com
Phone: (269) 350-3470.

Supervision Specialties

LLMSW requirements for Michigan

I’ve worked with students, limited licensed social workers, and fully licensed social workers in a variety of settings that include:

  • Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Community Mental Health
  • Hospital
  • Private Practice
  • Research Settings

I have worked with refugees, families of refugees both here and abroad, neurodivergent folx (myself included!), and children who have experienced trauma throughout my career in mental health.

If you are seeing a client with these backgrounds and have questions about their care, I would love to help you!

Price of Supervision

If you are a LLMSW in Michigan and are looking for supervision to complete your requirements for your full licensure, please see my rates below. As per the rules from the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) of Michigan, you can use up to 2 individual hour-long sessions per month to count toward supervision requirements. The other hours can be done in group supervision settings.

If you are a fully licensed social worker or other mental health professional and are seeking consultation for one of my specialties, I also encourage you to reach out with questions. You can choose either individual supervision or group. Feel free to choose whichever works best for you!

Individual Supervision$50/Hour
Group Supervision$50/Session

Individual supervision sessions can be held by appointment Monday-Thursday during business hours. Group supervision sessions are held every Thursday morning at 11am for 1 hour and can either be in person or online.

LLMSW Supervision Requirements for Michigan Social Workers

The process of getting your full social work license can feel overwhelming. You already made it through school, which is the hard part. The following will fulfill LLMSW supervision requirements for Michigan!

Step 1Get your limited license using this form
Step 2Complete your 4000 clinical hours or 2 full years of clinical work post-graduate with your limited license
Step 3Have your supervisor(s) fill out this form and send in when you reach your 4000 clinical hours or 2 years
Step 4Complete the ASWB exam by registering here
Step 5Get your finger print scanned for your background check
Step 6Complete and send in this form with the requested fee

All of these steps were referenced from LARA’s social work licensing guide here. Also, be sure to check with LARA to verify all information on this page before sending any applications and fees in. They can be reached at the licensing division at (517) 241-0199.

My hope is you found this page helpful and informative. LLMSW supervision requirements for Michigan tend not to be discussed as in depth in school. No worries, though, I’m here to help!

Happy practicing!